Final Paper Due Date

Just a quick reminder, the offices at Fuller will be closed next Friday seeing as how it’s Good Friday and all. So if you want to hand in your papers personally you’ll need to do it by Five on Thursday. You hand in all papers to the SIS advising office, which is on the second floor of Payton. There are two other options for you however: first, there will be one big box for paper submissions on Friday where you can drop you paper off (I think it will be in the Garth), and second you can email me your paper no later than 5pm Friday.    



Today we’ll be talking about deconstruction in class. Here’s a handout that you might find helpful. It’s from here.

Comments After Week Three

Hey everyone, I have a couple thoughts after doing some grading for week three:

  1.  It’s imperative that you split your barker readings up into either two separate posts or use a heading for each chapter inside one post.  You cannot combine the two chapters into one review, they are separate assignments.  
  2. If you want to go over 75 words for your reviews then do a shorter version where everything you want me to read is up front, and all your extended thought follow. You can use something like “Extended Thoughts” below or whatever.  Some of you are writing way more than you need to, and while I don’t want to discourage you from getting into the material, I do want to encourage you to practice precise writing.  In 75 words give me the best writing and reflection on your reading you can offer, after that you can write for as long as you want. 
  3. Be sure to post your class reflections by the end of the day, and make sure all your other posts are done by class on monday. 
  4. Don’t forget to do your classmate responses as well, and they also are due on Monday.
  5. In terms of content for your reviews, remember they are not to be just reactions to the reading but actual review of the key points, themes and thesis of what you read.  Here you want to pull out the author’s language and ideas and summarize it/response to it. 
  6. Overall, everyone is doing a great job! Keep it up.

Merchants of Cool

Thanks Joe, here’s the link to the PBS documentary called “Merchants of Cool.”  Also, it looks like you can download it for free here.

How I Grade

It looks like I will be doing most of my grading on Wednesdays, which means that if you don’t hear from me until Wednesday or Thursday don’t worry, I just haven’t seen your blog posts yet.  The way I normally work is that I’ll leave at least one comment, sometimes more, on your blog weekly just to let you know I’ve been there.  My comments will be either a) give you more direction for reflection and posting in the future, b) let you know something I thought was blown away by or c) let you know I have visited.  If I have any major questions or concerns I’ll email you.

Every week you can earn up to five points for posting on your blog, which works out to be 50% of your grade.  It’s in your favor to do as many as possible, but it’s also okay if you miss a couple.  If you haven’t done a post, I won’t try and track you down and find out, I leave all that up to you.  I do expect Masters level writing and reflection in the posts and want you to carefully do all your writing.  That said, I am looking for your engagement with the material, and reflection on key issues that are based on the texts and lectures.  I also want to see it be meaningful you (if possible).  If you have that, then you’ll do fine.

I am not sure if all of you have sent me your blogs or not, I’ve never had so much trouble getting email before, it’s really weird.  But if you don’t see your name in this list then bring your name, email and blog address on a small piece of paper to class.  Thanks!

B, Denise
B, Emmet
B, Todd
C, Jim
C, Mark
C, Simon
E, Joe
G, Chris
H, Harmony
H, Jason
H, Michael
Kaherl, A
M, Annie
M, Randy
P, Sammy
S, Brian
S, Chris
S, Darren
V, Aaron
V, Ben
Y, Brett

Problems with Contacting TA

Hey Everyone, it appears some of your are sending me emails but they’re not going through.  I am not sure why this is happening, I’ve checked my junk mail and there’s nothing there.  Anyways, two almost fool-proof ways of reaching me are either through the contact button at the top of this website, or the one on my own blog.  If you don’t see your name in the sidebar, I still haven’t received an email from you whether you’ve actually sent it to me.  Sorry for the trouble. 

Welcome MP520 Mission in Contemporary Culture

Hi everyone, we are really excited to have you in class this quarter and look forward to the next ten weeks together. This is the class blog where I will post announcements, resources, and other things from class. Be sure to check back here at least a couple times a week. You will also find your classmate’s blog links to the right of this post in the sidebar.

As a first order of business you may want to Download the syllabus here.Second, I wanted to give some reminders about your blogs.

Second, if you haven’t set up your blog, you need to do that now. Follow the step-by-step instructions here. Next you need to email me the URL for your blog. It will look something like

Third, in terms of assignments please read the syllabus carefully, everything you need to know is there. You need to post one reflection (50 words) per class period, on the day of that class (by 12am that night). The rest of your assignments (classmate response – 100 words and reading responses – 75 words per reading selection) are do on Mondays before class time. I don’t accept late blog posts.

Finally, if you have any special name requests or how you do or don’t want your name displayed on the blog let me know.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Keynote Presentation | The Church in Mission

Hey Everyone, thanks for the great questions and conversation today in class. Here are slides from the presentation. Also, thanks for the patience on the technical difficulties, I found what I needed to do (Steve you were on the right track) in the instructions (imagine that!)…

This is just in case any of you are using Keynote and need to figure out how to show your notes on your screen. See you wednesday.

Note on Readings

Hey everyone, first I need to commend all of you on doing such a great job this quarter. You are all doing fantastic on your readings, responses and class reflections.  Class discussions have not only been engaging but well informed and I am excited to see how this all comes together in the end for your projects.  Keep up the hard work, though I am sure by now you are feeling the wear and tear of the quarter. Can you believe it’s week 5?

Onto the readings – I have one request – When you do you titles for the reading reflections will you include the Week, the title of the article (or chapter number if applicable), and the author of the textbook you are reading, whether castle, ashcroft, sug. or Fullenbach.  That would make it so much easier for us tracking with you. Thank you!

As always if you have any questions please let me know.

Some Reflections on Gandhi and Mission

Hey everyone, I’ve got an Australian missional/activist friend, Jarrod McKenna, who has been writing thoughts on Gandhi and the mission of the Christian church for a couple months. Since we’re watching the film on Gandhi’s life right now, and reflecting on mission and postcolonialism I thought you might be interested in reading some of these posts.  I’ve bookmarked them all for you, in case you’re interested in further exploring Gandhi’s life and some reflections on that for mission. Here they are.

If you find interesting, pertinent information on Gandhi and mission, or postcolonialism, etc go ahead and let us know about it in the comments.