Guidelines for Final Project – MP520

For this final project you will be analysing 5 website communities using the methods and resources you’ve gained in this class. Some things to focus on are how these communities engage with Jesus-like practices, and how they differ from those practices. You can also look at how they interact with the culture, how they are extension of community as witnessed in the Social Movements Reader and the like.

This will (and must) build on everything you’ve done this quarter, your reflections on your blog, all your readings, your delicious bookmarks and the lecture notes.

The introduction of the paper (1-2 pages) needs to explain what your emphasis will be when looking at these communities, the methods that you’ll apply, and the reasons for this implementation.

Standards for the Project

  • It should be between 5-10 pages
  • 12 point font, double spaced, Times New Roman
  • It must focus on 5 web communities
  • Up to a 2 page introduction explaining your focus and methods
  • You need to mention (interact) with all books from the course at least once
  • Integrate class lecture notes when possible
  • Written at graduate level, check spelling, proper use of grammar, proper citations (see Chicago style B or its abbreviated version in Kate Turabian’s book)

Let me know if you’ve got any questions.


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