Hints About Book Reviews

I just wanted to remind everyone of a few things regarding book reviews.

1. Please be clear about the thesis of the book. A thesis is not a question the author is asking, but rather the answer an author is giving to a question or just what they are out to show.

2. Please try to stay as close to 500 words as possible.

3. You MUST offer a comment with regard to how the material in the book relates to your particular missional church project/case study. Though the book may raise questions pertaining to your case study, what we are looking for is that you are at least attempting an answer to them.

Doing these three things do not in and of themselves constitute a perfect book review, but they are vital to an adequate one.

Thanks for all your hard work, it has been inspiring to hear and read what you have been thinking and saying and I am very much looking forward to reading about your visions of all sorts of various expressions of the Kingdom of God.


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