Criteria for Missional Engagement

Trinitarian criteria:

The church is sent to follow the work of the Holy Spirit in the world and participate in:
— inclusion, diversity, unity
— peacemaking, reconciliation;
— giving/receiving, speaking prophetically and listening, openness, sharing, mutuality, communion in mission;
— justice, service, solidarity;
— communion with creation, wholeness;
— bearing the divine life

Jesus/Reign of God criteria:

The church, empowered by the Spirit is sent to continue the work of Jesus in the world, proclaims God¹s reign, by:
— acts of liberation, healing activities, working for justice (econ, racial, gender), solidarity with those care for the poor, inclusion of the marginalized, redrawing social boundaries
— communicating the good news of the kingdom, mediators of grace, forgiveness, mercy, telling stories of another reality
— acts of hospitality, generosity, joy
— love of enemies, no enemy but Satan, peacemaking
— egalitarian community, egalitarian, non-coercive leadership, voice for all
— announcing/denouncing, engaging, seeking

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