Notes for Class Wednesday Feb 21

Here are some things to keep in mind for tomorrow (wed 2.21).

  • Bring “The Great Giveaway” to class as we’ll be discussing it.
  • Even though you are no longer writing book reviews on blogs class reflections still need to be posted there for every class.
  • As we finish up grading your initial class project assignments realize that all the feedback, whether from the TA’s or your classmates should be considered and incorporated into your paper.  I noticed tons of wonderful feedback from your group members which was awesome!
  • The grades for this first assignment are only temporary, they are not the final grade just a way to help you gauge where you are in the process, how much work you need to apply to it, and what’s expected for the next time around.  With this in mind, we’ve posted those “temporary grades” in engrade just so we can keep track of the grades, we will change those grades as you improve in your project’s clarity, focus, and implementation.

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