Class Notes From Discussion on Fitch

1. What specific insights does Fitch offer that could help you describe/understand your particular ministry context?
a) lifestyle as evangelism
b) not understanding servant-hood as a strategy
c) Christian moral education related to local public education – related to the job of passing on morals and ethics
d) relationship of epistemology to church practices
e) the outworking of different understandings of justification

2. What ideas in the Great Giveaway help you to dream and/or imagine in your particular ministry context?
a) Take back – redefine moral education, values, etc. Not a need to be P.C.
b) An invitation for others to participate in worship. A broader vision of evangelism.
c) Symbolic acts that help draw on communal aspects of the body of Christ.
d) Worship service itself to be freed of its structure, so that it can draw people into transformation and not just continue static experience.

3. What parts of Fitch are particularly reflective of the Kingdom? How about Trinitarian? Do you see connections here for your project or for someone else in your group?

a) perhaps not enough regard for the presence of God in other religions/traditions – too much assuming
b) more Kingdom influenced understanding of success
c) didn’t communicate enough hope (transitionary measures?)
d) good attitude of imagination and creativity – kingdom characteristics
e) restores a Kingdom value for mystery – moving forward w/o having all the answers
f) balance on 2 fronts (modern/postmodern)
g) danger of too strongly relating postmodernity and the Kingdom.

“I’d rather be lost in the Kingdom than to know where I am going in the modern world.” – Vadim


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