Quick Reminder for MC500

Hey all, as I am passing through the grades just making sure everything is right, I want you to keep in mind a couple things:

a) Check your grades now, and make sure everything matches…don’t wait until a month from now to find that we missed something or you forgot to do something – it makes it easier for everyone if you check now.

b) You need to post one last reflection for the last class on Wednesday.

c) You are required to turn in Ryan’s survey along with your final paper next friday, no later than 5pm to the SIS advising office (2nd floor payton).

d) We’ve had a great time having you in class this quarter and if you need anything or just want to talk about stuff we’d like to help any way we can.


1 Response to “Quick Reminder for MC500”

  1. 1 Jeff Whye March 13, 2007 at 1:04 am

    Thanks Wes. Its been a pleasure. I’ve learned some insights which I have brought up on many occasions during this qrater with people in and outside the class. I am sure these discussions will contiue to do so.

    Mission, Church, Kingdom. Only God will ultimately know!

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