How I Grade

It looks like I will be doing most of my grading on Wednesdays, which means that if you don’t hear from me until Wednesday or Thursday don’t worry, I just haven’t seen your blog posts yet.  The way I normally work is that I’ll leave at least one comment, sometimes more, on your blog weekly just to let you know I’ve been there.  My comments will be either a) give you more direction for reflection and posting in the future, b) let you know something I thought was blown away by or c) let you know I have visited.  If I have any major questions or concerns I’ll email you.

Every week you can earn up to five points for posting on your blog, which works out to be 50% of your grade.  It’s in your favor to do as many as possible, but it’s also okay if you miss a couple.  If you haven’t done a post, I won’t try and track you down and find out, I leave all that up to you.  I do expect Masters level writing and reflection in the posts and want you to carefully do all your writing.  That said, I am looking for your engagement with the material, and reflection on key issues that are based on the texts and lectures.  I also want to see it be meaningful you (if possible).  If you have that, then you’ll do fine.

I am not sure if all of you have sent me your blogs or not, I’ve never had so much trouble getting email before, it’s really weird.  But if you don’t see your name in this list then bring your name, email and blog address on a small piece of paper to class.  Thanks!

B, Denise
B, Emmet
B, Todd
C, Jim
C, Mark
C, Simon
E, Joe
G, Chris
H, Harmony
H, Jason
H, Michael
Kaherl, A
M, Annie
M, Randy
P, Sammy
S, Brian
S, Chris
S, Darren
V, Aaron
V, Ben
Y, Brett


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