Welcome to my course website at Fuller Theological Seminary!

Although this blog is primarily for my students, feel free to look around and check out what’s happening in my classes. Note, if you want specific information on a class, you will need to use the categories along the side of the web page. Because this blog serves all my classes, you will need to click on a particular category to see my comments to a particular class (e.g. MP520f06 for my Fall Contemporary Culture class).

Here is a little info about me:

I am assistant professor of Church in Contemporary Culture and I teach six classes a year in cultural studies, social transformation, missiology, church growth, and the emerging church. In addition to teaching, I mentor Ph.D. students and serve on various committees. I am co-author (with Eddie Gibbs) of Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Communities in Postmodern Cultures (Baker Book House, 2005).

Here is my contact info:

Snail mail:
Fuller Theological Seminary
School of Intercultural Studies
Attn: Ryan Bolger
135 No. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena Ca 91182
(626) 584-5263

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