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Quick Email Suggestion

Hey Everyone, as I am currently trying to juggle a lot of emails it would be really helpful if you put ‘MC500’ in the subject whenever you send me an email about class. And, if it is a question will you put that in there, if it’s just a link, or other general type things that aren’t urgent then you don’t need anything else in the subject line. This will help me sort out my student emails, important questions, etc. Thanks!


The Links are Coming!

The blog links have begun to role in, keep them coming! If you have sent me your blog address it will be (or will be soon) on the right side of this web page under the “MC500F07 Church In Mission” column. If your name isn’t there, you have either a) not sent me your blog or b) I haven’t got around to posting it just yet. I plan to add another large bunch either this evening or wednesday morning.

If you are wanting some help setting up your blog check out this tutorial. Otherwise you are all doing great getting the blogs going.

Welcome to MC500 | Church In Mission

Welcome everyone to Church in Mission for fall 2007.

You can download the syllabus in .doc or .pdf format here.

Our class begins this Monday at 1pm, we look forward to seeing you there.

We invite you to check out a variety of class resources provided on this site for you.

If you have questions for the TA, Wess Daniels, please contact him through his site. Or his email will be provided in class.

Please Re-Send Blog Addresses

Hey everyone, a sad thing happened to my ibook the other day (it died).   In the process I lost some of your emails with your URLs for your blogs.  If you emailed me on Thursday or before could you re-send your addresses.  I haven’t added anyone’s yet, and will notify you once they are up.  Thanks.

Welcome To MC535: The Emerging Church

Today we begin our class on The Emerging Church. We will be meeting in Psych 314 from 11-12:50pm. Here are a few things you’ll want for the first week of class.

Among the routine first day of class scenarios we will also be discussing a student survey of professor Bolger’s. Both the survey and the course syllabus ((UPDATE: I’ve removed the syllabus until we have the new one ready to post)) can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this post.

Also important is how to setup your blog and other online resources you may need. Continue reading ‘Welcome To MC535: The Emerging Church’

Quick Reminder for MC500

Hey all, as I am passing through the grades just making sure everything is right, I want you to keep in mind a couple things:

a) Check your grades now, and make sure everything matches…don’t wait until a month from now to find that we missed something or you forgot to do something – it makes it easier for everyone if you check now.

b) You need to post one last reflection for the last class on Wednesday.

c) You are required to turn in Ryan’s survey along with your final paper next friday, no later than 5pm to the SIS advising office (2nd floor payton).

d) We’ve had a great time having you in class this quarter and if you need anything or just want to talk about stuff we’d like to help any way we can.

Class Room Change Just for Mon. March 5th

Due to the inaugural Max and Esther De Pree Presidential Leadership Lecture,
scheduled for Travis Auditorium on the afternoon of Monday, March 5, the
classroom assignment for the class MC500 Church in Mission has been changed
to PAYTON 301 for this one day only. The seminary apologizes for any
inconvenience this may cause. We try to avoid room conflicts if at all
possible, but sometimes major events cause unavoidable conflicts, especially
for Travis Auditorium.