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MC520-Updates from the Last Day of Class

Hi everyone from Church Growth in Contemporary Culture,

 I have had some e-conversation with Ryan and here are his responses to two of the questions:

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MC520-Community Research PDFs Available

Hello Church Growth people,

 The PDFs I mentioned have been sent to your Campus Pipeline email address. So if you don’t have your cp address set up to forward to your real email address, you will need to log on and find them there.

Peace, James

MC520 – Assignment Description

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MC520 – Church Growth Book Review Format and Grading

Here’s some information for the Church Growth class on what is required for your book reviews.

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MC520 Church Growth in Contemporary Culture Grading Policy Update

Here is an update from last night’s MC520 Class:

60% Paper: 3500 words (Part A: 10 Church Growth Issues (refer to all 7 required reading books) and Part B: “An Accurate Picture of My Church” (template to be distributed).)

25% 5 Book Reviews:  500 words each (5% each. The first 5 required readings preferably, substitutions from the bibliography are permitted.)

15% Participation

MP520 Downloadable Syllabus

Here is the digital form of the course syllabus for fall MP520.

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Welcome to Church Growth MC520

Welcome to MC520, Church Growth and Contemporary Culture!
I’m excited to be learning together with you in just a few weeks. We will have ten days, face-to-face, to explore the works of Donald McGavran and church growth theory. I think it will be time well spent.

I want to help you be prepared for the first day, as we will be jumping into the material right away. So, before our first meeting (four weeks from today), I would like you to read three books, the first three on our list. The first two give us most everything we want to learn from McGavran — his two key works. The third book is the most helpful critique on the movement, written by those sympathetic to its aims. It will help us in our discussions as well. I want you to write book reviews for each of these three books, and the format is listed below. These three reviews are due the first day of class. I’ve also included the way book reviews are graded to help you structure your review.

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