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Your Grades Are Now on

Hello everyone – your grades are now on endgrade. 

Log on at

Your name is both your first and last name as we have it for class and your ID should look like: engrade-rbolger-G# 

Fill in the G# with your number but make sure the dashes are in place.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Welcome to Transforming Contemporary Culture

Well, here we go. We’re getting started on Mp520, Transforming Contemporary Culture. It should be a great class. The 34 of us (32 students, TA Wess Daniels, and I) will wrestle through the important cultural issues of our time. We will explore what it might look like for Christ-followers to address these issues, and hopefully have a fun time doing it!

A note on this webpage — I will be posting to both of my classes here. I will flag the messages for Mp520 with the category Mp520f06, and so, if you click on that category, you will only read the information for this class and not the other. I hope this is not confusing.