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Keynote Presentation | The Church in Mission

Hey Everyone, thanks for the great questions and conversation today in class. Here are slides from the presentation. Also, thanks for the patience on the technical difficulties, I found what I needed to do (Steve you were on the right track) in the instructions (imagine that!)…

This is just in case any of you are using Keynote and need to figure out how to show your notes on your screen. See you wednesday.

Note on Readings

Hey everyone, first I need to commend all of you on doing such a great job this quarter. You are all doing fantastic on your readings, responses and class reflections.  Class discussions have not only been engaging but well informed and I am excited to see how this all comes together in the end for your projects.  Keep up the hard work, though I am sure by now you are feeling the wear and tear of the quarter. Can you believe it’s week 5?

Onto the readings – I have one request – When you do you titles for the reading reflections will you include the Week, the title of the article (or chapter number if applicable), and the author of the textbook you are reading, whether castle, ashcroft, sug. or Fullenbach.  That would make it so much easier for us tracking with you. Thank you!

As always if you have any questions please let me know.

Some Reflections on Gandhi and Mission

Hey everyone, I’ve got an Australian missional/activist friend, Jarrod McKenna, who has been writing thoughts on Gandhi and the mission of the Christian church for a couple months. Since we’re watching the film on Gandhi’s life right now, and reflecting on mission and postcolonialism I thought you might be interested in reading some of these posts.  I’ve bookmarked them all for you, in case you’re interested in further exploring Gandhi’s life and some reflections on that for mission. Here they are.

If you find interesting, pertinent information on Gandhi and mission, or postcolonialism, etc go ahead and let us know about it in the comments.

How to Use Delicious Bookmarks Video

delicious Just for fun, if you’re interested in doing more internet research and find yourself online finding great sites and wish you had a really easy way to keep track of thousands of sites, and share them with friends then you need to check out the Delicious social bookmarking site. I’ve been using it for the past couple years and love it (you can see mine here). But the main reason why I’m telling you is because delicious has recently put together a great short video for how to setup and use their site and it’s really helpful if you’ve never used it before.  I know some of you will like what they’ve done.

Here’s a link to the video.

New TA Joins the Crew

Hey everyone, just a heads up Joshua Martinez is going to be helping with TA responsibilities this quarter since there are so many of you. Some of you will see him commenting on your posts, if you get a chance be sure to tell him hi this next week in class.–Also just a heads up, be sure that you do one 50 word post per reading assignment, that means there are four 50 work posts due for monday. Most of you seem to know that but I thought I should give this as a reminder.

How To Fix Your Time

Some of your times are off, which is no problem for now. But when you get a second follow these simple instructions for adjusting it.

Quick Email Suggestion

Hey Everyone, as I am currently trying to juggle a lot of emails it would be really helpful if you put ‘MC500’ in the subject whenever you send me an email about class. And, if it is a question will you put that in there, if it’s just a link, or other general type things that aren’t urgent then you don’t need anything else in the subject line. This will help me sort out my student emails, important questions, etc. Thanks!